Hearthcore ep 72: Rogue Won

December 20, 2016

This week on Hearthcore Tehl and Juice attempt to recall the games that they played, Tehl being on vacation and Juice just being generally forgetful. Juice finally got to buy some new liquor for the drink of the week, and it turned out pretty good. They talk about their top legendaries to craft and have the first Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan MKFWFFHF. There is also a spoilery Rogue One discussion at the end of the episode. All this and more on episode 72 of Hearthcore.

  • Drink of the Week: Grimy Goose
  • Set aside a fancy glass with ice in it to chill. Like a Martini glass.
  • In a mixer add ice
  • 2 oz of vodka
  • 2 oz of creme de cacao (brown)
  • 1 oz of creme de menthe (green)
  • Shake
  • Remove the ice from the original glass and strain into glass.

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